CW Becomes Greener by Replacing More Materials with Recycled Ones in Our Products
Eco-friendly Made from Recycled Materials by A Greener Cartridge Web

What’s Been Done So Far?

Cartridge Web has always been coming up with the possibilities to be eco-friendly, especially when the consciousness of sustainability and going green becomes prevalent around the world. Instead of greenwashing campaigns exaggerating environmentally-friendly goods without contributing or helping the planet, for our Go Green toner cartridges, we meticulously studied the possibilities to turn them greener. We’re glad to share and introduce the toner cartridges made with recycled post-consumer plastics, selected cartons made with more than 80% recycled paperboard, and the reduced usage of EPE buffers in packaging, in the previous articles.

What’s to Expect Next?

We keep on examining the materials applied in our products and target the waste toner boxes included in some models. We manufacture them with more than 80 percent recycled plastics to reduce the amount of new plastics used in production. As we always do, we conduct tests like weathering resistance tests and dropping tests which are compliant with ISTA standards, to ensure that we do not sacrifice functionality while using more sustainable materials.

Last but not least, we’re evaluating replacing all plastic bags used currently with 100% recycled materials. Same as waste toner boxes, the environmentally-friendly bags undergo extra evaluations such as the hanging and stretching test to ensure their toughness.

With all the continuous endeavors, Cartridge Web is a reliable partner for you.

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