The Green Choice: How Cartridge Web is Breathing Life Into Toner Cartridge Manufacturing with Recycled Plastic

The Green Choice: How Cartridge Web is Breathing Life Into Toner Cartridge Manufacturing with Recycled Plastic

Possibilities of Eco-Friendly Products

As mentioned in “Plastic Reduction in Packaging Is Part of the Greener GPI”, we are determined to be part of a green future by reducing plastic usage in our packaging. Cartridge Web has also devoted a great deal of time to studying and testing toner cartridges themselves. There are plenty of possibilities to make plastic products greener, such as using biodegradable plastics. However, in reality, many biodegradable plastics require certain temperature and humidity conditions to degrade, which makes the whole process difficult to accomplish.

Why Recycle Post-Consumer Plastic?

Therefore, Cartridge Web turned to the possibility of recycling and testing recycled post-consumer plastic. Fortunately, Taiwan has one of the most efficient recycling programs in the world. Consumer waste is collected and classified by the collector. Then, the plastic treatment factory takes over and conducts various processes, including decompression, washing, sorting, crushing, flotation, flake, melt, and filter. Materials such as PVC, PE, PP, and PS go through a granulation process to form recycled plastic materials. These materials are then injected as a product to begin their second life.

How to Deliver Quality and Eco-Friendly Goods to the Market?

Applying recycled post-consumer plastic to manufacturing takes time to test not only the injection process but also the quality control of the result. Our engineers ensure that the dimensions of each component made from recycled plastic comply with our quality standards. We also conduct the fitting test and life test to secure our toner compatibility with the OEM machines and parts are premium as always. Checking the strength of toner cartridges and the packaging is also crucial. That's why we conducted extra dropping tests based on ISTA standards. Our goal is to provide customers with eco-friendly toner cartridges without sacrificing quality. If both quality and the environment matter to you, Cartridge Web’s eco-friendly toner cartridges will be the right fit for you. Send us a message for more details.