Cartridge Web Manages Its Compatible Printing Quality Through ISO Standard, Long-Term Performance, Compatibility With Printers, Etc.

Achieve OEM-Quality Printing with Cartridge Web's ISO-Compliant Toner Cartridges

Cartridge Web is dedicated to supplying OEM-equivalent quality products to distributors and dealers globally. In the previous article, we talked about the environmental test we applied in the development stage to ensure that Cartridge Web products still deliver quality printouts in different climate conditions. Furthermore, we qualify the printing quality from different aspects.

Cartridge Web Printing Protocol

The printing test is initiated from OEM toner forwarding to CW toner to confirm the toner compatibility. Afterward, CW toner cartridges are mainly printed with ISO standards, which are ISO/IEC 19752:2017 for monochrome products and ISO/IEC 19798:2017 for colour products. We also execute stricter protocols such as applying 100% coverage printouts to understand the toner's ability. Besides, one of the tests that keep CW stand out from others is that our compatible toner cartridges will be printed to more than half or even a full drum life. This test arrangement is especially crucial for brands carrying out long-life consumables, e.g., Kyocera Mita.

Quality Indicators Among Tests

During the printing process, we monitor and record each index such as density, cartridge yield, and grams of waste toner from different time sections. Meanwhile, we print OEM toner cartridges to establish a quality baseline for our reference and comparison. When the test is completed, we review the performance of CW compatible toner cartridges by the above-mentioned indicators. Firstly, the page yield is calculated based on the ISO 5% standard and ensures that CW products reach the declared yield of OEM. Secondly, the density, in the long run, should be OEM equivalent. Thirdly, no critical issue should be observed on the printout such as colour deviation, strips, contamination, and so on. Finally, there is no harmful impact on other printer consumables such as OPC, and drum units to reflect our compatibility with OEM.

Cartridge Web always applies rigorous standards to approve our compatible toner cartridges even though it takes extra cost and time. We continue to deliver a premium solution for our customers. Let Cartridge Web help your business to the next level.