Cartridge Web Proceeds with Reliability Tests to Maintain Consistent Quality

Cartridge Web Proceeds Reliability Testing for Consistent Quality

In the previous article, we talked about the quality indicators in the development stage as our rigorous standards to approve our compatible toner cartridge in the development stage. When the product is launched to the market, the quality mission is still ongoing.

In order to supply consistent quality products, the different reliability tests are always proceeded based on the cartridge type before and after the production of the finished products. The reliability tests include:

Reliability Test
1 Weathering Resistance Test
To test if labels and foam tapes are well-adhesive in different weather conditions
2 Salt Spray Test
To test if rust and oxidation will happen
3 Vacuum Test
To simulate the air freight transit in high altitudes and examine if cartridges have the possibilities to deform or fracture 
4 Vibration Test
To simulate the truck transit condition and examine if the toner has the possibility to leak
5 Air Charging Test
To test the strength of ultrasonic welding on cartridges
6 Torque Test
To ensure the smooth rotation of cartridges
7 Tension test
To ensure no toner leakage from the outlet/inlet
8 Withdrawal and Loading Test
To ensure no toner leakage from the plug
9 Air Tightness Test
To examine no crack on the cartridges causing air leaks

As a result of a series of strict quality control processes, Cartridge Web always provides premium compatible toner cartridges with consistent quality to our valued customers. We can bring your business to the next level and help you save the cost from OEM. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and our products.