How Does Printer Toner Work? – Blade

Introduction of Printer Doctor Blade and Printer Wiper Blade

Each component inside a laser printer has its own mission to work together and deliver various prints. You can see the whole picture from our previous article: How Does Printer Toner Work? Here, the main character in this article will be the blade.

What is a blade?

To wipe off the toner, or not to wipe off the toner, that is a blade. Basically, there are two kinds of blades inside a laser printer: a doctor blade and a wiper blade. A doctor blade helps level the toner delivering to the developer roller and a wiper blade helps remove the excessive toner from the OPC drum.

Features of doctor blade:

As mentioned, a doctor blade helps level the toner and controls the thickness of the toner as requested. Therefore, a good doctor blade should be made in precise thickness, and with a good characteristic of abrasion resistance. Furthermore, a metal doctor blade with coating has become a trend among various printer designs. With the strength of the coating and the benefit of a stainless-steel body, a metal doctor blade can decrease the influence of static to level toner smoothly and can prevent the toner from sticking to the blade.

Features of wiper blade:

When an OPC drum completes transferring the toner image to the paper, approximately 5 to 10 % of the toner may remain on the OPC. If these residual toners exist without being wiped off, they may transfer to the paper in the next round and cause a damaged image. A common material for a wiper blade is PU which is non-conducting. The material property can prevent residual toners from attaching but also requires constant replacement since it’s more easily worn.

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