Kyocera Mita TK-5280 (High Capacity) Compatible Toner Cartridge
Cartridge Web Kyocera 1T02TW0NL0/TK-5280K HY Black Compatible Toner Cartridge
Cartridge Web Kyocera 1T02TWCNL0/TK-5280C HY Cyan Compatible Toner Cartridge
Cartridge Web Kyocera 1T02TWBNL0/TK-5280M HY Magenta Compatible Toner Cartridge
Cartridge Web Kyocera 1T02TWANL0/TK-5280Y HY Yellow Compatible Toner Cartridge
Cartridge Web High Capacity Kyocera TK-5280 Compatible Toner Cartridges
For use in Kyocera Mita Ecosys P6235C/M6235CI/M6635CI
Color Page Yield Cartridge Web™  Part No. Manufacturer Part No.
Black 21,000 ATMI05280BE006 TK-5280K HY/1T02TW0NL0
Cyan 14,000 ATMI05280CE006
TK-5280C HY/1T02TWCNL0
Magenta 14,000
TK-5280M HY/1T02TWBNL0
Yellow 14,000
TK-5280Y HY/1T02TWANL0
Yield declaration – it’s based on 5% area coverage on an A4/letter-sized page in compliance with ISO/IEC 19752, 19798, and 24712 test standards. Yield will vary based on image, area coverage, and print mode.
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