More Sustainable Choice from Cartridge Web’s Eco-Friendly Cartridges

Cartridge Web Recycles 38 Bottles per Cartridge

With the rising consciousness of environmental caring, sustainability has been the goal for not only corporations but also everyone. People intend to choose more eco-friendly products. And there’s no exception for the toner cartridges used in their printer machines. Cartridge Web is always ready for the changing demand in the market. We offer eco-friendly toner cartridges as a greener choice, and you may refer to our previous article for more details: Cartridge Web Launched Eco-friendly Toner Cartridges.

Further from the previous article, we’d like to provide practical numbers to let you have a better understanding of how eco-friendly these cartridges are. Briefly speaking, waste collectors collect plastic bottles and plastic suppliers reproduce them into recycled plastic material. One cartridge is approximately 400 grams which is equivalent to transforming 38 plastic bottles into eco-friendly toner cartridges. It also means that we help to reduce the waste of post-consumer plastic bottles.

We hope that our explanation helps you understand how CW is helping the earth by producing green cartridges. And it can be proudly stated that we do not compromise on the performance of the eco-friendly toner cartridges. They’ve been compatibility-tested with the OEM toner and IP-reviewed at the stage of development. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager at CW or click the button below directly if you’re interested in more information.

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