Cartridge Web’s Gratitude to 2023 and Expectations Towards 2024
Cartridge Web's New Product Plan in 2024

In 2023, almost everyone has experienced the high inflation rate and the looming recessions. The cost of living even increased by 50% or doubled in some areas. The high cost of original toner could be a burden for users or companies. The option of compatible toner likely crossed their mind but the uncertainty of quality might stop them from choosing an alternative solution. Then, Cartridge Web is the one that deserves your trust. We are grateful that our customers, who have partnered with CW for many years, remained the close bond and business with us in 2023.

Being a leading manufacturer and supplier in the aftermarket, it can be proudly stated that the supply of compatible toner cartridges from the Taiwan factory and the Netherlands warehouse to the world has never stopped, which is always open to all opportunities worldwide. Here below illustrates how GPI and Cartridge Web enhance our resilience to a superior level.

Warehouse System Upgrade and Capacity Optimization in 2023

Cartridge Web keeps adopting various approaches to increase flexibility to react promptly in the dynamic market. We upgraded the management system of our warehouse in Taiwan to combat the variable requests from the demand side. Production capacity was optimized with the addition of automatic production processes and the improvement of key materials management.

CW also sticks to its core values of being a problem-solution provider by strengthening customer connections with instant responses to support our partner in the supply chain. Besides that, consistent quality, IP reengineering, and best customer service keep building our reputation with commitment in the aftermarket.

New Product Plan in 2024

CW continues to develop patent designs around toner cartridges which undergo meticulous tests for the OEM-equivalent quality of printing performance. It is scheduled to release more compatible toner cartridges in 2024, such as Kyocera Mita TK-5370/ TK-5380/ TK-5390, Utax PK-3020/ PK-3021/ PK-3022/ PK-3023, and Konica Minolta TNP92/ TNP93.

Eco-Friendly Toner Cartridges

CW not only puts effort into product development but also into caring for environmental sustainability. In 2023, our eco-friendly endeavors are the toner cartridges made with recycled post-consumer plastics, selected cartons made with more than 80% recycled paperboard, and the reduced usage of EPE in packaging. Besides, several projects are being evaluated to further contribute to a sustainable earth as innovations to a greener provider in the imaging industry.

Expectations Towards 2024

CW appreciates the continued support from our valued partners throughout the year. We hope that all the ups and downs and the uncertainty brought to the world stay in 2023. Together with CW, let’s step forward to 2024 with harmony and prosperity.