The World Is Going Green

Green is Going to Be a Global Trend.

Green is the new black. However, when it comes to the environment, green is more than a colour but a new global trend. As the public is having more aware of environmental protection, the government of each country has started to initiate some new measures to let their future path in line with a greener mind. It was first taken the lead by the continent of Europe to target the packaging material.

In reference to the “Latest revision of the EU Packaging Waste Directive from 2018”, a series of legislation had been introduced by each European country. For example, The German Packaging Act (VerpackG), and the Plastic Packaging Tax in the UK. Italy and Spain have yet to officially confirm the effective dates of the new rules but it’s not a secret for anyone to understand that green laws will be enacted sooner or later. In addition, this change will not be happening in Europe only in the near future.

As one of the leading manufacturers of laser toner cartridges in the imaging industry, General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd and its brand, Cartridge Web, had initiated multiple market research and development evaluations to go green. What we want to achieve is not only applying a greener packaging material but also a more environmentally friendly product. Among all factors, we value the quality the most. However, a greener raw material may cause the strength and durability of the cartridge below our high standard, so we need to acquire the best combination through multiple tests and trials. We are working on this project and will release our green products with premium quality soon. If you’re interested in green products, feel free to contact us via