How to Maintain the High-quality Level of Our Toner Cartridges?

How to Maintain the High-quality Level of CW Toner Cartridges?

To produce premium products, raw material plays an important role in the initial stage. Firstly, we must find qualified suppliers. Secondly, we have to proceed with incoming quality control (IQC) to ensure the quality and to efficiently manage and isolate the defective items from being used. Lastly, monitoring the defective rate for quality consistency is significant as well.

A simple type of toner cartridge that Cartridge Web supplies are mainly made of the cartridge housing, plastic components, chip, and toner powder. Respective inspecting standards will be laid down for each category that is purchased or self-made. For cartridge housing and plastic components, dimension and appearance are involved in the inspecting standard. CNS 2779 (ISO2859-1) is followed for appearance inspection. Dimension has to conform to the technical drawing. As regards toner, each lot is tested with a printing test following ISO/IEC 19752/ ISO/IEC 19798. Only when the test result is good without defective situations such as background, ghosting, line, or abnormal contamination can the toner be approved. On the subject of chips, each lot will be conducted with an installation test to ensure functionality. Cartridge Web is dedicated to supplying toner cartridges with premium quality. Therefore, we will remain the standard quality control in line with CNS and ISO regulation and even stricter to ensure our product quality.