Why Do I See A Grey Background or Sticking Lines on The Paper?
  1. Grey Background:

    A damaged or worn OPC may cause toner powder unable to adhere to magnetic roller correctly, hence, toner powder may fall on the print-out and causing background issues.

    High resistance of PCR may undercharge OPC Drum and cause a low electric potential, which may cause toner powder to be unable to adhere properly and causing background issues.

    • - Toner powder is moist and damaged.
    • - Either high or low levels of humidity could be an influence on the function of key parts.
    • - Aged or deformed cleaning blade may result in residue bonded on the OPC drum and cause “grey background” issues.

  2. Sticking Lines on Printouts:
    • - PCR could have been contaminated by toner powder.
    • - OPC drum could have been scraped to damage.
    • - Developer roller or Magnetic roller could have been scraped to damage.
    • - Wiper blade or doctor blade could have been damaged.
    • - With longer storage time, the blade may cause the pressure mark on the developer roller and results in “periodic sticking lines”.