How Does Printer Toner Work? – Toner Cartridges

Learn about How Toner Cartridges Work in Laser Printers

Each component inside a laser printer has its own mission to work together and deliver various prints. You can see the whole picture from our previous article: How Does Printer Toner Work? Here, the main character in this article will be the toner cartridge.

What is a Toner Cartridge?

A simple toner cartridge comprises three key components – a cartridge, toner, and a chip. Toner plays a critical role in imaging and printing performance. The cartridge design impacts the engagement with counterparts and the toner flow. A chip is a tool to communicate with a machine.

How does the Toner Cartridge work?

The most important mission of a toner cartridge is to carry toner and deliver it to the machine accurately. When the toner cartridge is empty, the machine will show a ‘Toner empty’ signal. Then, how does a machine distinguish if the cartridge is empty or not? There are three common designs applied.

  1. Utilize the sensor and detecting unit to determine the residual toner
  2. When there is toner inside, the sensor is obstructed. If the sensor is detected by the detecting unit, it means that the toner level is low or empty. So, the ‘toner empty’ signal will be triggered.

  3. By calculating the coverage of the printouts
  4. When the cartridge is installed on the machine, the machine will read the data in the chip to determine the yield of the cartridge. The machine will calculate the coverage of the printouts and convert them into pages of 5% coverage. When it reaches the claimed yield, the machine will show a ‘Toner empty’ signal.

  5. Detect the ratio of toner and carrier in the DV unit
  6. A toner cartridge delivers toner to the DV unit so the carrier and toner are mixed inside the DV unit to reach the designed ratio. If the toner cartridge is out of the toner, the ratio of the carrier and toner will alter and trigger a ‘Toner empty’ signal.

Therefore, the quality of the cartridge design, the chip, and the toner could affect the accuracy of the ‘Toner Empty’ signal.

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